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What To Pay Attention To When The Captain Of The Water Jet Looms?
Jun 26, 2017

  What to pay attention to when the captain of the water jet looms?

  Water jet loom for various reasons: such as shortage of funds, turnover is not smooth, no weft silk raw materials; lack of block, varieties and market problems, loom unfinished machine, but also need longer time downtime (more than one weeks),water jet loom in order to ensure that all aspects of the reboot normal, smooth boot, need to do the following major work and attention to the following matters:

  I. Main work and operation points of loom shutdown

  Shan downtime, the first to the machine woven into the blank silk machine, to prevent long time on the machine placed, damp moldy.

  Shan water to the reed and the comprehensive silk on the accumulation of the slurry rinse, as far as possible to clean up, for the future to play a good foundation.

  Shan will be relaxed by wire tension, heavy hammer down, fully-framed hiragana status, to prevent long time openings will be stretched by wire.

  Shan will be on the loom of the water baffle,water jet loom waterproof cover down.

  Shan lift up the pressure of the weft wheel to prevent the deformation of the wheel.

  Shan will power off the machine, shut down water, pay attention to safety and save energy.

  Shan the electrical box inside the circuit control board to be stored in the ventilated dry place, to prevent dampness affect its efficacy.

  Shan such as a workshop of the loom need to stop all, to cut off the main power supply and shut down the main water source,water jet loom and regularly ventilated wet check the situation, to maintain the workshop ventilation dry.

  Second, the loom when the main work and precautions

  Shan Open the water mains before starting, drainage, to prevent the pipeline residual sewage into the tank, pump body and nozzle.

  Shan again with water to the weaving mouth and reed, the silk in the filament of the wet, soften the residue accumulated slurry, to avoid the direct drive when the remaining hard slurry block will Thenslamau, pull off.

  Shan power supply, plug the Line control Board, open water supply valve, test power, water, observation water, electricity is normal.

  Shan will be adjusted by wire tension,water jet loom and hand rotation spindle dial, to see the injection, playing weft, the comprehensive and so on is normal.

  Shan If you need to change the varieties and specifications of the Strand silk, can be replaced with good weft yarn and appropriate delivery and coiling gears, change weft density.

  Shan If the steel reed fully mechanized, resulting in a silk, etc., can be manually through the silk through the weaving mouth a few centimeters to more than 10 centimeters, depending on the specific circumstances, and then try to drive.

  Shan if above main work completes,water jet loom inspects all normal, can press the normal procedure to boot the operation.