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What Kind Of Fabric Can Be Produced By A Water-jet Loom?
Oct 20, 2017

Water jet loom can produce plush fabric has washed velvet, sand washing velvet, peach skin velvet, suede, etc., because of the different fleece way, Water jet loom the appearance of the fabric, feel, take the performance is different.

The surface of the washed velvet fabric is a fine terry-like velvet, no broken fiber traces, fabric feel soft, velvet feeling general.

Washed Velvet does not go through the real fleece process, the fabric surface of the micro-ring is the combination of the warp and weft formed by the contraction of silk, so the design of washed velvet fabric, we should pay attention to the following problems:

(1) Select the silk warp or weft with different shrinkage properties, in order to avoid the effect of different shrinkage after finishing, Water jet loom most of the cases should be done by the different contraction wire. And, for the fabric surface has a good wool ring-like texture, should choose the single fiber shrinkage rate difference between large raw materials, single fiber shrinkage rate difference between the larger, the higher the height of the wool ring, the better the fabric texture.

(2) when the warp or weft, the density should be large, this is conducive to increase the surface of the fabric of the density, Water jet loom is conducive to increase the fabric of the velvet feeling.

(3) using the fabric of the front of the contraction silk structure, such as the warp-shrinkable silk, the fabric front is used as the surface effect of the organization.

Sand-washing fabric, it is often used in fine denier silk fabrics or water spray, Air-jet loom production of weft staple fabric washed by sand, this kind of fabric design to note that the fabric of the floating length and the fabric of the surface of the velvet feeling is proportional to the longer the longer, the better the velvet, Water jet loom but the more vulnerable to damage, so the float should have control, not too long, but also not too short, The floating length is good for the $number of the tissue point.

Peach skin is woven with fine denier fiber fabric, Water jet loom suede is a superfine fiber fabric processed by grinding wool fabric.