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What Is The Average Number Of Water Jet Looms?
Oct 20, 2017

Water jet loom is a high-speed and efficient loom, is the traditional shuttle loom can not match, weft of the large volume package makes the number of per capita block is much higher than the shuttle loom. The number of towers is a centralized reflection of the level of on-site management of water-jet weaving enterprises, but how much is the average number of units? How to improve the number of stations? Try to discuss this issue from the following aspects.

From the production management objectives, the higher the number of per capita block the better, on behalf of the world's highest level of water-jet weaving the Japanese weaving industry, the number of per capita block is: more than 100 sizing fabric, twist fabric up to 50 or so China's Taiwan Province and South Korea can reach Japan about 80% of the standard. For domestic counterparts, the average number of open loom block can reach 30 can be regarded as the top level, and most of the factories are between 10 to 20, the lower only 6 to 8 units, while Twist fabric at the highest level between 13 to 16, the lowest is only 2 to 3 units. water jet loom We are not only with the world's advanced level of the gap is very poor, but also with the level of economic development is even less than our country, such as compared with Thailand, also appears backward.

Under the enormous cost of pressure, many factories are one-sided pursuit of the number of blocks, that is forced to improve the stands without regard to whether the car can really durability, security to block all the machine, the result is on the surface, But in fact, if the loom of the preparation of the various conditions, that is, semi-finished product quality, mechanical electrical capacity of the guarantee level has not been improved, looms, the number of stops will not be reduced. In this way, the labor intensity of the staff will increase proportionally, on the one hand, on the one hand, the body overdraft, physical quality decline, is not conducive to production, and the high turnover rate of the consequences of the staff Technical quality gradually decline and evolved into a vicious circle. On the other hand, the fabric quality will have a negative impact, especially the organization of the more complex fabric is more prone to deal with the situation, and demolition of stitching and other work can not be carried out calmly, water jet loom resulting in technical deformation, resulting in product quality decline.

So what should we do to improve the number of units per capita? Advanced concept advocates the preparation of the process is more important than its own. Let the loom open well, first of all to create a good loom non-stop, less stop the conditions. water jet loom The conditions mentioned here include the quality of the weaving and weft, the integrity of the loom (including the integrity and effectiveness of the various types of sports equipment), the correctness and standardization of the technical conditions of the loom, the standardization of the personnel operation, Standardized, qualified for environmental conditions. Only in these conditions are tending to complete, the number of times the loom can be reduced to a low level, thereby increasing the number of units. So as a manager, can not always in the block body workers brains, thinking about how to tap their greatest potential, but should focus on the preparation of works and loom maintenance to. In fact, a high level, mature water jet weaving enterprises on the block staff requirements, not demanding everyone has a skilled, superb skills, and as long as the action standards, operational norms can be. Because all the conditions are already available, water jet loom the block staff to do is mainly tour and the frequency is very low open, turn off, do not need to often complex action.