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Water Jet LoomThe Lowest Noise
Aug 21, 2017

The water jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses a jet of water to traverse the weft through the shed. The friction traction force of the weft insertion weft is larger than that of the jet weft, the diffusivity is small, and the filament weft with the smooth synthetic fiber and the glass fiber are needed. At the same time can increase the conductivity of synthetic fiber, effectively overcome the weaving of static electricity. In addition, the jet weft consumes less energy and has the lowest noise.

The advantages and disadvantages of water jet looms:

Water jet looms are commonly used in recent years, a high-speed loom, but its products are also limited, many products can not be produced, but for the general interior fabric production efficiency is extremely high. Water jet loom in the new machine in place after the need to install debugging, this process must have some experience to operate. The parameters in the loom manual are for reference only. The main reason is because the accuracy of the various parts of the loom, resulting in the operation of the parts can not improve coordination. But should first be based on the parameters of the loom to do the initial adjustment, after the test according to experience to adjust.

Water jet loom belongs to the jet loom, is the use of water as the weft insertion medium, through the jet of water on the weft to produce friction traction, so that the weft on the fixed cheese into the shed. Because of the good build-up of the water flow, there is no waterproof flow diffusing device on the water jet loom, even if it can reach more than two meters.

Water jet loom flow of the cluster is good, coupled with the water on the weft of the friction traction is also large, so that the water jet loom weft flying speed, loom speed ranks first in all types of looms. More suitable for synthetic fibers, glass fiber and other hydrophobic fiber yarn weaving, so there are limitations on the variety. General devices include: jet pump, water droplet seal grooming and recovery devices, fabric dehydration drying device.