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Water-jet Loom Is A High-speed Shuttle-free Loom
Jun 26, 2017

  Water-jet loom is a high-speed shuttle-free loom, it is through the nozzle spray water beam to the weft into a new loom through the silk spindle, according to its structural characteristics, the process parameters of Water-jet loom are mainly openings, weft, weft, delivery, coiling, weaving, scissors and other movements of the time, can correctly set and adjust the process parameters are water-jet loom efficient operation and access to good products to ensure that the water spray weaving process parameters adjustment methods are as follows:

  Adjustment of opening process parameters

  The adjustment of opening process parameters includes two aspects, that is, the adjustment of opening amount and opening time.


  Opening volume adjustment

  The volume of the water jet loom is different from that of the weft motion, and the single spray and the double spray, the flat opening and the Dobby openings also have the difference, too much too small will cause the broken thread and the parallel flight bad fault. And the size of the opening according to the variety requirements, raw material properties, opening mechanism and the mechanism of the different selection, not only to ensure smooth flight of weft, but also without affecting the silk decapitated.

  The adjustment of the opening quantity of the flat opening mechanism is the change of the position of the loom in the opening arm when the 180 is moved, the opening pin moves to the front of the machine, the opening volume increases, and the opening quantity becomes smaller after moving to the machine.

  There are many types of dobby opening mechanism, taking Mx-7 in Japan as an example, the size of openings is determined according to weaving conditions. Small openings to improve speed. The amount of openings is too small to lead to the flight of water column. The amount of openings is too large to cause the breakage of the yarn.


  Adjustment of Opening time

  Water jet loom flat opening time is generally a single spray 350, double spray 345, incorrect opening time will lead to improper insertion of weft or warp, and so on, is the Tsuda Colt ZW302 flat Openings For example, the adjustment method is as follows:

  A. In peacetime, the top of the box to the full frame guide seat height of 138mm.

  b. In the comprehensive peacetime (350,) to take the first, second piece of the top of the box to the height of the guide seat H11 and H21.

  C. Turn the handwheel to 350 when the first, second piece of the top of the box to the height of the guide seat H12 and H22.

  D. At 350, adjust the opening crank on the right side of the loom so that the first frame height is (H11)/2.

  E. At 350, adjust the opening crank on the left side of the loom to make the second full frame height (H21)/2.

  F. When the above operation is completed, adjust each piece of the frame support in 350, the height of each piece is adjusted to 138mm.

  Note that when adjusting the opening and opening time, the opening amount should be adjusted before the opening time is adjusted.