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Water Jet Loom Improve The Efficiency Of The Role
Sep 26, 2017

To improve the efficiency of the water jet loom is a typical system engineering, we must use the theory and method of system engineering to improve the efficiency of the water jet loom in order to obtain technically advanced, economically reasonable, time saving, The best effect of running, so that "system grasp, grasp the system," the dialectical comprehensive management.

High-speed water jet looms require high-quality warp yarns, and high-quality warp yarns come from the original standard of the original yarn. The sizing process does not make the inferior yarns become high quality warp yarns, and the sizing process can not become high quality yarns even if it is high quality yarns. These views vividly illustrate the relationship between the front and back processes. The original yarn quality is not good, the quality of the shaft will not be good. The quality of the original yarn is good, the quality of the shaft is not necessarily good. Low quality of the shaft, water jet loom quality and efficiency will not be good. While the high quality of the shaft, cloth machine efficiency and quality is not necessarily good.

According to the system engineering, we must start from the yarn to cloth, the country around the original yarn quality, Jingwei yarn preparation work quality, process optimization, equipment improvement, strengthen management, operation training and other aspects of scientific research and research activities. Pay attention to collecting and sorting out the technical experience of the water jet loom at home and abroad, and then summarize the experience that is suitable for the specific situation and improve the comprehensive economic benefit of the water jet loom, and in the actual work, Better effect.

In the quality of the original yarn, the required cv value, single strong cv value, 100,000 m yarn defect is best to reach the 2001 Uster statistical bulletin 25% level, the distribution of discrete small.

In the quality requirements of the weaving process, we should focus on the yarn hairiness and weaving index to study and improve the adaptability of the water jet loom. Yarn hairiness on the operation of the new loom has a great impact. Warp hairiness, wrapped around a serious, open unclear, will cause the warp yarn breakage, so that weft shot blocked and broken up, loom efficiency dropped significantly.

In the spinning process, the inappropriate process will make the fiber damage, short fiber increased, the yarn in the course of running by the abnormal friction, are caused by hairiness increased the main factors. In the process of sizing, to make Mao feathers firmly appressed, to significantly reduce the hairiness, which involves sizing machine selection, slurry optimization, process parameters of the selection and as far as possible to reduce the pulp coating coefficient. In the observation of the change rule of the hairiness of the original yarn, we can find that the "hard and silk" hairiness of the sizing has a great influence on the yarn twist and the unclear opening. To this end, in the water jet loom gradually expand the application of today, the hairiness indicators of the research and assessment is extremely important. It is necessary that the Uster Bulletin has made a request for the yarn hairiness index since 1997.

In the weaving fine high-density fabric, sizing pulp coating coverage coefficient of <50% is appropriate, sizing the gap between the two yarns at least equivalent to a yarn diameter (the so-called single yarn sizing). Reduce the pulp coating coefficient, the serosa can be maintained intact, soaked and covered both, hairiness paste, to meet the requirements of the most gas looms.