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Water Jet Loom Effectively Overcoming The Static Electricity In The Weaving
Nov 01, 2017

The water jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses a jet of water to traverse the weft through the shed. The friction traction force of the weft insertion weft is larger than that of the jet weft, the diffusivity is small, and the filament weft of the synthetic fiber and the glass fiber are suitable. At the same time can increase the conductivity of synthetic fiber, effectively overcome the weaving of static electricity. In addition, the jet weft consumes less energy and has the lowest noise.

⑴ under the first head hairiness, to see whether the first scissors or dents are sharp and smooth.

⑵ stop when the thread weft, look at the first head of the head is hooked on the opening or the next, the water line under the tune, the next anti.

⑶ under the first short weft, see the size of P and water cut size. 9MM spring 1 circle is equal to 4.23KG P value; 9.5MM spring 1 circle is equal to 5.3KG P value. Water cut is to view the waterline by the fine side when the rough, about 145-185 or so. 20-30D nylon arm of the water to cut small, the first is not easy to hair, nylon sand P value to be large, washed on the hairiness of the latitude in the free flight angle in the safe flying! Mechanical restraint angle to control, restraint angle and the proportion of water to the control of the CC to 0-30 degrees or so, too large will be short sand, small will be short latitude, the first water will lead to too long water dried, Stop and weave stock broken sand; too short transport force is not short weft!

⑷ basic process is not up to the standard, easy to machine and downtime. Different warp D number of beams have different levels, the roller has a different angle, different tension! Different Daxa D with different spray groups, different types of water pump sets, and different lathe set! It is best to buy a special tool for maintenance: flash device.

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