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Water Jet Loom Countermeasure When An Exception Occurs
May 19, 2017

Water Jet Loom when the abnormal measures

When the Water Jet Loom is abnormal, it is possible to take into account the main reason that the main reason may be that the bearing site is caused due to poor refueling when a strange smell, abnormal sound, abnormal heat and the like are emitted from the Water Jet Loom during operation Of the wear, or due to adjustment, poor installation caused by mechanical wear.

Water Jet Loom caveat

When the operation found abnormal smell, abnormal sound, abnormal heat and other phenomena, should immediately stop the loom, and asked the safety workers to carry out appropriate disposal.

1) Press the stop button.

2) The main switch 2 on the side of the control box 1 is switched to OFF.

3) report to the security personnel.