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Water Jet Loom Consume Less Energy And Less Noise
Oct 17, 2017

The water jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses a jet of water to traverse the weft through the shed. The friction traction force of the weft insertion weft is larger than that of the jet weft, the diffusivity is small, and the filament weft of the synthetic fiber and the glass fiber are suitable. At the same time can increase the conductivity of synthetic fiber, effectively overcome the weaving of static electricity. In addition, the jet weft consumes less energy and has the lowest noise.

Sprinkler looms regularly maintenance is conducive to the normal operation of the machine to extend the service life of water jet looms, while minimizing the consumption of raw materials. So we here to talk about the water jet loom accessories usually maintenance work and details.

Sprinkler looms regularly need to do the maintenance of the content: regular maintenance need to do a lot of things, the technical requirements are also high, regular maintenance work to achieve the desired goal, a higher level, by the general The maintenance level is difficult to achieve, so the need to report personnel need to master the technology to be extensive. So it is necessary to be able to do regular maintenance work, must be prepared in all aspects.

For the maintenance of water jet looms accessories mainly to keep the equipment clean and clean each of the accessories, so that the equipment can really carry out the normal work. So for the water jet looms, we should start from every detail of the work. A lot of time, we need to do is work like this.

Water jet loom is the use of water as a driving force, which we use the process to maintain water flow, so that the whole process of our work is relatively complete.