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The Reason Of Abnormal Jitter In The Loom Of Water-jet Loom
Oct 20, 2017

Water jet loom after a certain number of years of use, some loom axis in the operation process will produce abnormal jitter situation, and the domestic loom this situation is more serious, it will lead to the silk fuzzing, easy to break, silk face irregular horizontal file that is pry, leading to the decline in production efficiency and product quality.

According to the observation of production condition, it is found that the main reasons of abnormal jitter production of loom are:

1 through the wire machine tension, especially on the machine tension is too large, very easy to cause abnormal wobble. Therefore, Water jet loom before the production, according to the type of Ching, the total number of roots and the thickness of silk thread, the correct calculation of the required wire tension, so as to determine the weight of the heavy hammer, while adjusting the tension rod and diastolic spring tension of the CVT, so that the heavy hammer arm in the horizontal state.

2 sent through the triangle belt tension improper. The V position should be adjusted to meet the theoretical requirements when the tension tester is applied to determine the triangular belt tension.

3 Spindle shaft BEARING wear, Water jet loom so that it is improper force and produce the abnormal wobble. The large shaft bearings should be carefully inspected to see if they wear, and check whether the bearing sleeve wear, if there is wear and tear should be replaced in a timely manner, and the replacement of lubricating oil.

4 through the axle bracket and the shaft cover wear; if can repair, may use, then the full repair, if cannot repair, should promptly replace, and adjusts causes them to meet the installation request.

5 sent by the gear combination improper, because of its meshing is not positive, transmission is not smooth, and production jitter; Water jet loom the appropriate gear number should be calculated according to the weft tightness of the fabric, and the correct modulus fit should be chosen.

6 gear box is lack of oil, damage, rust, transmission is not correct and produce jitter, should be corrected in time, do not lack of oil, no damage, no corrosion.

7 Spindle shaft head loose out of the way, can be repaired in a timely manner, if not repaired in time, it should be repaired in time for downtime.

The 8-axis bracket cap bolts are not fully fastened and should be fastened in time.

The above production axis abnormal jitter may be one, also may be two, three, maintenance workers in the overhaul must be carefully observed, Water jet loom careful analysis, in the correct determination of the cause of the case, timely and carefully to provide overhaul.