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Textile Testing Instruments In China: The Opportunities Outweigh The Challenges
Oct 19, 2016

In a number of host companies also worried about this year's market downturn when most textile equipment companies are market prospects for the future with confidence.

Although the each textile industry's demand for testing equipment without the host's demand, but compared with the host companies, enterprises of textile testing instruments are more wide range of users. For example, textile test instruments not only in the textile enterprise applications, and in some textiles colleges and universities, vocational schools, textile testing agencies have some applications. Most of the textile equipment manufacturing enterprises reflect, despite rising raw material and labor costs will squeeze company profits, enterprises ' normal production will be more difficult. However, as long as the company enhance product research and development, has introduced test equipment products in line with market demand, companies will be able to win in the industry.

Many test equipment manufacturers have come to realize future production and sales of the conventional products in quantity fundamental change in structure will, therefore, in product development, the enterprise should reduce labor work harder, improve efficiency, energy consumption and so on. Differences between domestic textile test instruments and imported instruments from the conventional test equipment and high-end test equipment to analysis in two directions.

Since reform and opening up, research and development of the national textile test instruments presents a State of flourishing. There are some high-tech detection equipment has reached the world advanced level. Capacitance fibre length Tester, quadratic differential Fiber Analyzer, automatic single yarn strength Tester, evenness Tester, dynamic measuring instrument of fiber orientation and so on. In the context of information technology, computer technology is applied in the textile test instruments, changed the way traditional instrument data processing and improve efficiency in the use of the instrument. Textile testing instruments in China has been elevated to a computer and testing technology, which greatly improves detection accuracy. But also to effectively maintain the stability and reliability of the device. China's long-term development on the basis of the successful development of a framework for computer-controlled measuring instrument, yarn twist Tester, fabric crease elasticity Tester equipment, have a warm body with sweat function bronze, photo-the Blackboard dried, high fiber capacity test results such as the functional units.