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Textile Machinery Enterprise How To Protect Their Intellectual Property?
Oct 19, 2016

Under the conditions of market economy, intellectual property such intangible wealth more and more power. In enhancing the capability of independent innovation of textile machinery enterprise at the same time, enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection, active use of legal means to protect their rights and interests, to seize the initiative in the market competition, but also to create a market environment to encourage innovation.

As one of the core competitiveness of enterprises, the importance of protecting intellectual property rights is beyond doubt. But according to press reports, many textile machinery companies including a number of large and medium sized enterprises focus on technological innovation, but are existing intellectual property protection mistakes. In addition, because of the different national laws, foreign-related intellectual property lawsuit Chinese enterprises seldom win. Why is there such a phenomenon? How can effective protection of their own intellectual property?

According to press reports, although many companies are paying attention to the intellectual property work, but most of the domestic textile machinery Enterprise intellectual property management Department has not been established, no specialized personnel responsible for intellectual property, real understanding and intellectual property expertise does not know much. Once the enterprise is involved in intellectual property disputes, generally want to pay the high costs of hiring outside personnel in responding, often in an extremely passive position. Some highly professional including patent applications, trademark registration, property negotiation and analytical work, no one qualified for because of lack of expertise, patent management talent shortage were embarrassed by them.

An expert told Xinhua in an interview, said: "we often meet companies for using someone else's patents does not seriously. Some people who understand that laws and regulations are also didn't know much about patents, trademarks, and trade secrets that professional knowledge of intellectual property rights. Even some intellectual property legal advice mediation will also give misleading advice, patents cannot be authorized, undermined the integrity of the patent. Now a lot of people jealous of intellectual property as a piece of cake, and lack of professional ability, led to the current intellectual property rights the overall quality is not high. ”

In recent years, the increased number of intellectual property lawsuits between domestic and foreign textile machinery manufacturers. In this "no smoke patent war" bear the brunt of those domestic textile machinery industry leading enterprises, they are contenders in the market of similar foreign products and as foreign rivals the main target of the attack. In the context of patent claims behind is the right product, market share, competition, economic efficiency and redistribution. International textile machinery exhibition, often foreign textile machinery manufacturers complain the Chinese Enterprise patent violations of the same kind. But our enterprises participate in market competition in foreign-related intellectual property disputes, in particular the international market competition and lack of experience, very passive position.