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Reform Of Automation For Textile Machinery Upgrade
Oct 19, 2016

The textile industry as a pillar industry of China's traditional, has been playing an important role in national economic activity. Along with the social progress and development, and people's increasing demand for textile products, the market for textile machinery more efficient and, therefore, as early as the end of the century began actively promoting the Chinese textile machinery industry PLC, frequency inverters, servo systems and computer controlled automation technology, improves the speed and efficiency of textile machinery.

Today, as the demand for automation technology and market changes, the increasing degree of automation of the electrical control system of textile machinery, single-machine automation has been unable to meet the demand of the development of textile industry, the textile industry is systems development automation, plant automation and factory automation. Automation technology once again assumed an important role promoting the development of the textile industry.

New market opportunities, in order to meet the development needs of the textile industry, the automation vendors have with textile machinery industry, textiles--the old traditional industries once again began its difficult transformation. Many automation manufacturers, Advantech, Omron, Britain Witten and automation manufacturers such as Delta began its race again in the textile industry. Particularly worth mentioning is, textile machinery, as one of the first concerns of industry, its an endless stream of innovation in the textile industry, not only launched many dedicated automation products, but also with the partners have jointly developed a variety of new textile machinery textile machinery products.

At present, there are many systems-automation solutions in the domestic spinning factory started, a good solution to the textile production process and management issues, quality tracking, machine failure statistic has a more visible effect.

In recent years, textile machinery industry experienced a baptism of tremendous technological change again and again. First of all for the interconnection of equipment, namely for whole-plant equipment integration, relations between the device for optimal layout and monitor the entire production process, which not only impact on production quality

Factors for quality tracking and process improvement. And the overall layout of observation of the energy consumption and optimize, production-oriented instead of the local machine to optimize and improve and enhance overall productivity.