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Production Benefit Analysis Of Air-jet Loom
Aug 15, 2017

  Production benefit analysis of Air-jet loom

  At present, the demonstration speed of Air-jet loom is up to $number min, practical speed is 500~850 min, the weft insertion rate has exceeded $number/. The 1200m/min of gripper loom is the highest, while the speed of rapier loom is generally 250~600 min, and the weft insertion rate is around 1000m/min. Obviously, the speed of the Air-jet loom is higher in the shuttle-less loom, which also means the single machine output is the highest.

  The speed of weaving machine

  The economical speed of loom can be calculated by the integrated Unit energy efficiency ratio p of loom:


  Type:-Loom rotational speed;

  η--operation efficiency;

  ∑n--Weaving machine Comprehensive effect.

  The speed of a set of process tests and the parameters of the upper machine are adjusted, and the reasonable economic speed can be obtained by the measured calculation.

  II. Output of Loom

  1. Theoretical output

  Theoretical output of loom =60XN/PW/10 (m/stage)

  PW is weft dense, the unit is: Weft number/10cm

  2. Actual output

  Actual output of loom = Theory of loom output x efficiency (m/stage)

  III. Factors affecting productivity

  1. Air-jet Loom Yarn Requirements

  As we all know, Air-jet loom speed, production efficiency is high, but the quality of the yarn requirements are high, to achieve the highest efficiency, we must improve the quality of yarn.

  The yarn of Air-jet loom should be evenly dry, the surface is smooth, the hairiness is few, the yarn strength is high;

  It is best to use automatic winding machine and air twisting device.

  The tension should be uniform during warping, the yarn should be evenly arranged and the shaft should be formed.

  The proper slurry formula and sizing process are adopted to ensure good quality of the shaft.

  2. Use reasonable running speed

  Under normal circumstances, the excessive increase in running speed will lead to warp, weft breakage and material consumption increase, the operation efficiency is reduced. High speed may not bring high yield. Therefore, we should choose a reasonable, comprehensive benefit of the best rotational speed. One-sided pursuit of high speed is not economic or scientific.

  3. The setting of each process parameter and the adjustment of the Organization

  In the process of production, there are often short weft, broken warp, irregular cloth, weft rebound, and so on. The precise adjustment of Air-jet loom is the basis of improving production efficiency.

  4. Human resources and the environment

  Should continuously improve the technical quality and responsibility of the maintenance and operation personnel, configure the work environment suitable for air-jet weaving, including the establishment of clean environment, temperature, humidity and so on, and define the position responsibility of the personnel at all levels.