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Production And Application Of New Air-jet Loom
Oct 19, 2016

Jet looms of features is run speed fast, production efficiency high, machine material consumption less, introduction latitude way reasonable, running operation security, thus became no shuttle weaving machine in the development most fast and most has development future of models, but practice showed that jet weaving machine energy home no shuttle weaving machine of first has is not race of facts, so reduced energy has been is jet weaving machine development in the is concern of subject.

Auxiliary nozzle, main nozzle air jet loom, gas mask and WBS, weft insertion system of energy-saving control, energy-saving and energy-saving use of reeds, beating up and open the optimization, air compressor, etc have affected energy consumption of air-jet loom. Especially auxiliary nozzle of gas consumption for weft insertion system of gas consumption 75%, auxiliary nozzle performance is the key to energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Auxiliary nozzle outlet bore is cylindrical to conical, bunch-Jet pressure can increase by 50%, achieve the purpose of throttle. Currently control the auxiliary nozzle solenoid valve size increased from 5 auxiliary nozzle solenoid valve control instead of 2 or 3, to air a short distance relay injection, energy-saving purposes. After tests, saving energy consumption 10%~15%. This improvement reduces the customer's energy consumption, but the cost of the machine.

With rapid development of personalized and quality textile products, cotton textile enterprise on yarn quality standards are improved. Due to cost and other factors will be considered in the cotton textile raw materials cotton make some reasonable adjustment, foreign cotton linter is higher, little more, between the bales are quite different. Zhejiang jinfeng textile machinery co of r JZX-"type 5" pin tooth combined high performance circular comb Comber. According to the performance and characteristics of serrated pin, optimized design of high performance circular comb Comber, to further improve the combing ability.

Carding fiber is however require a certain combed, combs is not enough, can cause fiber carding opening, resulting in fiber bundle bundle; combing force is too large can cause damage, short fiber increases, increased carding tooth wear, even broken needles, broken teeth, and increasing equipment power consumption. Therefore, on the circular needle and sawtooth design has been greatly improved, round pins to ensure front-end sharpness, roughness and keep back-end of the taper, jagged film by stamping and processing method of tooth surface grinding on both sides, ensure the teeth, tooth root and tooth surface is smooth.

Meanwhile, for high-speed, large amount of technological requirements, avoid cotton front tooth puncture capability is weak, better implement insert, opening, sorting and PIN cylinder with serrated cylinder to be comprehensive, to ensure the best piercing effect. Pins and teeth-teeth height front deep rear light, reduces fiber on the cylinder filling, improved the carding effect of fiber and cylinder. The cylinder design, consciously cylinder is divided into two zones to ensure speedy carding quality, also applies to all types of combed cotton hosts.

With demand for semi-finished products and yarn of textile enterprises and higher, how to meet user requirements, improving product quality and quality is a systematic project.