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Modal And Cotton Which Better
Oct 19, 2016

Independent energy saving of air-jet loom weaving all kinds of fabric, popular modal cotton and cotton fabrics and what's different?

In character: Tencel and cotton is the largest difference between modal Hygroscopicity, softness is superior to cotton. On clothes, but this advantage often is not only a winter or summer underwear, modal fabric is better than cotton.

Cost: modal fabric cost is higher than that of cotton.

In terms of durability: in terms of durability, pure cotton fabrics would be better. For jackets, compared to modal fabric for clothes, cotton is more economical, more practical.

Modal is our common, usually the kind with elastic fabric, very soft and comfortable, many can use modal fabric to make clothes, are very popular.

Natural modal fibre has many advantages. Its softness and sheen of silk with cotton, linen and smooth, and its water-absorbing, breathable performance is superior to cotton. Modal fabrics delicate touch, has a good drape, so clothing better. Morphological stability and natural wrinkle resistance and DP sex, make it easier to wear, naturally. In addition, modal also has a very high uptake rates, dye pattern color bright, full, clear. Most importantly, modal fibers can be mixed with any other fiber. Based on the above advantages, modal fabric is widely used in garment making.

Modal 50% more good moisture absorption than cotton, dry, breathable, is ideal for close-fitting clothing fabrics and health care products, is good for the body's physiological cycles and health. Underwear and shirts are currently widely used clothing products.

And the other modal fabrics (MODAL) of raw materials from Europe, made by Bush made from wood pulp after the spinning process. Modal and Tencel similarities are toxic pollution-free manufacturing process. Compared with the traditional easy deformation of pure cotton fabric, modal, with its unique comfort and shine always occupy the place in the fabric market, has also been well received.