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Market Analysis Of Water Jet Loom
Aug 03, 2017

  Market Analysis of Water Jet Loom

  The current domestic water jet looms through continuous absorption and improvement, and Japan, Taiwan, the production of water looms in terms of performance and capacity gap is getting smaller and smaller, in some respects even beyond the level of Japan and Taiwan.

  But with the domestic market saturation and environmental protection and other pressures, the domestic market shrinking, water looms manufacturing enterprises in the basic state of eating, and even some loom manufacturers cut production or transfer, the prospects are not optimistic.

  Maintenance method of water jet loom

  For the water jet looms in terms of air is a big concept, it can not use a word, two sentences to answer. It is a comprehensive problem, but also the highest level of water jet loom research. But the key point is how to make the weft before the end of the flight to the moment into the light to maintain the state of stretch, not song or beating. To solve this problem, we should use the weft yarn according to the fineness and water absorption from the water pressure and process with the start. First of all, to ensure that the warp opening is clear, heel no greater bending.

  2. The nozzle side of the twist is set at 290 degrees, starting with 20 degrees, to ensure that the planet wheel no momentum.

  3. Nozzle side scissors must be fast, auxiliary knife no scratches do not scratch line.

  4. Heald no movement, pull rod pin, set without wear.

  5. Weave the system smooth and not scratch line.

  Water jet loom is water weft In order to prevent weft yaw should be used to use as much water to wrap the weft, that is, increase the amount of water.To reduce the water pressure, to prevent the impact of the latitude moment is too large.But to ensure the need to implement free flight and Constraint flight. This way to make the weft smooth into the photoelectric weft. Ensure that the clamp gear no momentum