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How To Save Energy On Air - Jet Looms
Jul 20, 2017

  How to save energy on air - jet looms

  The energy consumption of air-jet looms is high, mainly in the energy consumption of the nozzles. The air-jet loom manufacturing enterprises have long been on the nozzle of the auxiliary nozzle were studied, using a single hole, porous, air - jet loom inverted cone hole and other shapes, many have been applied in practice, a variety of aperture shape of the auxiliary nozzle have their own advantages. Various innovations in the nozzles (including the main and auxiliary nozzles) and the trachea not only save energy but also improve the weft insertion quality.

  Speaking of air-jet looms can not fail to mention the air compressor. Now the domestic enterprises to use the air compressor is not ideal, the compressor efficiency is low, and because the vibration and noise are relatively large, the compressor to be installed in a certain distance from the air jet loom workshop, so the pipeline energy loss. Japan's use of air-jet looms are small-capacity air compressor, such as the use of 48 air-jet looms only 4 small-capacity air compressor, three often open a spare, and spare not always stop With four devices in turn turn the boot. It is installed not far from the loom, and some even in the production workshop. From this point of view energy consumption is certainly lower than our

  Air compressor is divided into absolute oil-free and oil-filtered indirect oil-free two. Oil-based air compressor from the operating efficiency, life, air - jet loom energy consumption is better than absolute oil. 20 years before the enterprises are using the absolute oil-free air compressor. In recent years, many users have switched to oil-based air compressor, its price is cheaper than the absolute oil-free air compressor. And the oil of the air compressor through continuous improvement, first of all to change the varieties of lubricants, the use of oil can be cleaned in addition to oil, if the filter failure, oil splash on the finished fabric, air - jet loom you can after processing Printing and dyeing finishing process to eliminate. There is also a shortage of oil air compressor, and its lubricating oil has a certain life, to be replaced regularly. At the same time, the oil filter net should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

  In recent years the air compressor plant also introduced the electronic control of variable frequency motor, CVT air compressor, according to the introduction can save about 10% of energy. It is energy saving because it can adjust the speed of the motor according to the size of the air consumption. Take the 96 air-jet looms as an example, under normal circumstances the gas supply is greater than the amount of gas consumption, air - jet loom because 96 looms there are several downtime, although there is a gas cylinder can adjust the gas, but if the looms stop more , The gas cylinder gas pressure is full of air compressor will stop, and centrifugal air compressor after stopping for 30 minutes to re-boot, do not allow the time to stop, when the open. So are taken to stop the way empty, so that part of the energy wasted. This energy-saving air compressor can solve the problem of venting, thus saving energy.