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Fault Detection And Self-shutdown Device Of Water-jet Loom
Oct 11, 2017

Fault detection and self-shutdown device of water-jet loom

The Water-jet loom is equipped with multiple fault detection and self stop devices to ensure the normal work of loom. Its main functions are as follows:

(1) The left and right side of the hinge-stop: Installed on both sides of the loom edge of the shaft side. When the twisted yarn is back, the guide hook relies on the spring force to make the process contact action issue the stop instruction. Usually using brush-type process contact or contactless switch, such as reed tube, photoelectric switch, proximity switch and so on.

(2) Warp tension self-stop: installed in the left rear of the loom, controlled by the loose arm. When the warp tension is too high, a stop order is issued. The micro-motion limit switch is usually used.

(3) The waste silk bobbin ends from the stop: installed in the right rear of the Loom, by the guide Yarn hook control. When the bobbin yarn of the waste wire is broken off, the guiding yarn hook moves out of the stop instruction. The Yarn hook-type contact point is usually used.

(4) Waste wire self-stop: installed in the right front of the loom, by lever control, when the scrap wire is broken, lever action, connected to the contact point, the issue of parking instructions. Hall switches or process contacts are usually used.

(5) Fixed length self-stop: installed in the loom meter inside, when the fabric reached the predetermined length, the issue of parking or fall cloth instructions. If the mechanical meter is used, the micro-switch is used to send the message, and the electronic meter is used to send the message directly.

(6) Other self-stop: In addition to the above fault detection, most of the Water-jet loom also has the following fault detection (not belong to the process from the stop).

① main motor and pump motor internal temperature switch (motor overheat protection), when the motor overheating, automatic parking.

② Brake Internal temperature switch (electromagnetic brake overheat protection).