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Cotton Spinning Industry Trade Patterns
Oct 19, 2016

Cotton textile industry plays an important role in the development of China's national economy, across two major agricultural and industrial production, related to cotton production, ginning, spinning, weaving, dyeing, garment and end-consumer and many other areas, and has become one of the pillar industries of the national economy. Textile technology has been developed, there were jet looms and other advanced looms

Have said, the most worrying thing is the question of supply of raw material for cotton. Domestic cotton textile cotton in cotton processing enterprises and enterprises seriously out of domestic reserves of cotton for cotton quality not up to the requirement and deviation from policy, caused the current "lack of good cotton, cotton flooding of poor" situation. So there are a number of companies, said current efforts to increase procurement of cotton in the world, to find the matching high quality cotton material with high-end products.

Cotton throw storage issues currently on the market to pay more attention, more like cotton spinning plant prices are relatively stable, and whether it is high or low prices, only raw materials price stability, will dare to pick up long lists, large single. Business owner said, no matter how high cotton prices, but as long as market recognition, companies have the living space; on the contrary, if the market doesn't agree, cotton prices dropped lower and lower, is unacceptable for the enterprise. At present, the domestic cotton prices are mostly between 13000 Yuan/ton ~14000/ton, most companies think there is room for downward adjustment, so the current enterprise and not a lot of replenishment, so as to avoid throwing storage policies and experience inventory devaluation.

Use of e-commerce technology enhanced advantage

At present, a garment using India's cotton and cotton yarn from domestic textile weaving, printing, making clothing in Bangladesh semi-finished products, sewing and shipped to the Gulf States or the Middle East country, finished products are exported to Europe, America and other countries and regions, the "international model" has become increasingly mature. Up to a point, no global supply chain resources integration ability of the company's future will be eliminated by the market. The Canton fair, a garment factory owner in Dongguan, said that a few years ago, companies have moved their factories abroad, but due to the fabrics and accessories in the local market is not matched, so the clothing design, pattern work is carried out in Guangdong. Supporting a full range of professional markets in Guangdong, costume designers in all professional market of Guangdong can find almost any item you want, the fastest half a day can fix until after European and American customers to confirm the order, and materials to Guangdong Procurement Department for action.