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Causes Of Common Defects In Air Jet Loom And Their Countermeasures
Oct 11, 2017

Causes of common defects in Air Jet Loom and their countermeasures

1 weft contraction

1.1 Causes

(1) The original yarn quality: The yarn twist is too big, the free end twists seriously, resulting in weft flight instability and weft contraction; yarn hairiness is long, the knot is large, the head end of the weft is in the swimming state, once the weft hairiness and warp rub is easy to form winding, resulting in weft contraction

(2) Half product quality: poor quality of the texture, sticky, and twisted, causing openings, weft movement is blocked, especially Benson, etc.

(3) Mechanical Status: Compressed air is not pure, Air Jet Loom very easy to cause gas road plugging, so that the supply pressure is unstable, weft flight uneven and form weft contraction. Trachea, joints, regulating valves and other air parts leakage caused by air pressure instability, the impact of normal flight weft.

(4) Not clear: even the very mild yarn relaxation and adhesion between the fibers will make the weft flight blocked, forming weft contraction.

(5) The process of weft insertion is unreasonable: stop yarn needle release time is improper, nozzle solenoid valve Opening and closing time is not allowed, the nozzle pressure is too high or too low, resulting in the weft before the flight crowded, weft can not be straight over the shuttle mouth and cause weft contraction; the right side of the hinge closed time late, not in time to clip the weft, Weft contraction caused by unreasonable insertion time: The weft insertion is too early, opening height is not enough, easy to appear due to warp hairiness and other defects caused by weft flight is not smooth and increase the phenomenon of weft shrinkage; On the other hand, Air Jet Loom the weft is too late, the weft reaches the corner late, the opening height is relatively small, the head end of the weft and the warp collide, resulting in weft In addition, the injection time with improper, when the weft to a certain place, the auxiliary nozzle solenoid valve is not opened in time, resulting in the weft in the relaxation state flying, forming weft contraction.

(6) The temperature and humidity of the workshop is low, the elasticity between the fibers is relatively enhanced, the friction force is reduced, and the twisting torque is increased.

1.2 Settlement measures

(1) In general, in the case of weft strength in accordance with weaving requirements, as far as possible to choose a smaller twist coefficient, polyester-cotton fabric to improve the fixed twist effect, the design of the best twist, reduce the twist unevenness, the use of no knot yarn, when the tightness is not appropriate delay openings.

(2) The yarn tension of the whole warp should be 2 $number g, strictly control the thread of the yarn, correct the distance of the plate opening, to ensure that the plate opening and reed amplitude match.

(3) The compressed air is not pure can be installed in the air inlet double layer filter NET, the filter network regular cleaning and maintenance; the moisture on the fabric should check whether the drying system is normal or not; in the daily maintenance, we should carefully use the ultrasonic vibration instrument to clean the solenoid valve.

(4) At the beginning of the machine must be in accordance with the requirements of the process of adjustment of the full box and the opening of the movement, and in the adjustment of the box should pay attention to the two sides of the process consistency. The wire rope on the air jet loom is the flexible carrier of the lifting, easy to stretch in the state of movement, General weekly check the high and low level, so not only can eliminate the impact of wire rope is stretched, but also to eliminate the operation of mechanic, on the machine because of frequent, bad car maintenance, Improper adjustment resulting in uneven or incorrect Bing of the frame.

(5) Ensure smooth flow of the guide yarn. Check the reed for serious reed marks and bend Reed phenomenon.

(6) The process design should be reasonable.

(7) In order to resolve the shrinkage caused by injection, it is necessary to rationally adjust the geometrical shape of the front spindle, Air Jet Loom increase the clarity of the opening and increase the tension of the machine.

(8) The appropriate extension of the last group of auxiliary nozzle injection time, appropriate to the right side of the opening of the device to advance, in time the head of the weft holder.

(9) temperature and humidity in the workshop, so that the performance of warp and weft yarn, affect the clarity of the shuttle, to adjust in time, the general air jet loom temperature of 22 ~26℃, relative humidity in 72 ~ 78 between.

2 Double weft

2.1 Causes

When alternating weft insertion, the first ring weft of the other weft storage device is introduced into the fabric, form a treaty on the left side of the cloth on the double weft defect of CM, the analysis shows that there are several reasons for the weft stripping of the weft collector: the failure of the rebound spring of the weft, which results in the inaccurate and unstable angle of the retaining needle opening and falling, The weft is easy to emerge from the retaining yarn needle, and the yarn is not centered on the yarn-storage drum, and the weft slips out of the yarn drum; the distance between the weft and the pressurized nozzle is too close, and the weft is swung violently from the weft, which is easy to throw out from the retaining yarn; the pressurized nozzle failed to align with the center of the weft storage device, the yarn ring is irregular, and the position angle of the main nozzle is not correct. , the weft tension is not stable when the scissors are cut, the weft rebound is ejected from the weft, the left scissors are loosened, the cutting time is not stable, the edge is not sharp, the weft is pulled off and the weft rebound is aggravated.

2.2 Settlement measures

Replace the weft-retaining thread spring, the use of lubricant, the replacement of the retaining yarn needle, the adjustment of the distance of the accumulator to the pressurized nozzle or the addition of the gas coil rupture, adjust the height and angle of the weft to the appropriate position; Replace the repaired left scissors, press the positive turn button to check the cut yarn can not have weft nap.

300 feet

3.1 Causes

The original yarn strength is insufficient, the yarn thickness is uneven; the weft blown off has not been H2, that is, the H2 did not receive the weft pulse signal, and the root of the weft has been H1, so the loom is running, producing hundred feet defects; the weft detector is dirty, the sensitivity is reduced, the defect of the foot is produced, the main nozzle is normal pressure, the weft is blown in the main nozzle, Driving the first weft, on the right side of the cloth to form a broken weft, the main and auxiliary nozzle pressure, weft details are blown off; block in the processing of the stop, not as required to seriously operation, such as should be drawn out of the broken weft caused by the defect of hundred feet.

3.2 Settlement measures

The twist coefficient of the general weft is relatively small, the yarn strength is lower, the twist increases 5 ~ 9, can reduce the weft breakage effectively, uses the rotor spinning to be able to reduce the yarn detail, strengthens to the weft detection device overhaul, clears the H1, H2 the weft-detection machine to produce the fly; Air Jet Loom The nozzle pressure in the case of the weft can pass through the small control, strengthen technical training, improve block work sense of responsibility, strict implementation of the Operation law.