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Analysis Of Automatic Control System Of Modern Air-jet Loom
Oct 19, 2016

Modern air-jet weaving machine with high speed, high quality, high efficiency, high level of automation monitoring "four high" characteristics of shuttleless looms in the fastest-growing models, also became the preferred model for textile enterprises to expand their scale of production. For selection need, we for currently market Shang of abroad of four species model of jet weaving machine, Japan of Toyota JAT710 and Tsuda Colt of Zax-N, Belgium picanol of OMNI-plus and Italy Shu beauty special of Mythos-TEC for has research, through and manufacturer of Exchange, also field visit has using manufacturers (Zax-N just production, domestic also no user, only in exhibition Shang see), understand has above 4 species jet weaving machine of performance features.

Japan models with the advantage of negative open, such as Toyota and negative production Tsudakoma Corporation-open cam, of course, they can also be a customer requires active shedding mechanism. Positive at this stage through STAUBLI, cam T1661, Shu-mei te the new Mythos-TEC air-jet weaving machine is FIMTEXTILE ME. Through STAUBLI Dobby 2861/2871. 2871 was STAUBLI high-speed type produced by Dobby.

Positive opening compared with negative shedding their weaknesses are expensive, energy consumption in air-jet loom larger, turn work some. Its advantages a is conducive to introduction latitude (280 width above is obviously); II is conducive to weaving made rough thick type fabric; three is fully box movement precision high smooth sex good; four is active cam can pros and cons weaving General (non-symmetric type cam not); five is has negative cam cannot achieved of function-automatically flat fully, automatically flat fully function is weaving made Twill or satin lines fabric Shi, in parking Hou can will the page fully box automatically placed basic same of height, to significantly elimination the tablets warp of tension poor, conducive to reduced fabric parking document of produced.

Electronic Dobby has more advantages than positive cam. It not only eliminates the hard turn the cam work, and are free to set comprehensive angle, also can be set at every latitude movement of the heald frames, capable of weaving complex patterns of organization.

It is worth mentioning that, Toyota and Tsudakoma developed their own electronic opening device. Electronic opening compared with the electronic Dobby, went a step further in the technology. E-speak is a servo motor control harnesses, it not only movement of the heald frames per page can be set free, flat heald frames per page can be set free comprehensive time and angle of repose and adaptability greatly increase. Of course, e-open air-jet weaving machines are expensive, high maintenance requirements, running costs are also high.