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Air Loom Loom Maintenance Methods
Oct 19, 2016

1. the gas source purification in order to ensure the good functioning of air-jet loom and quality of the compressed air supply loom is extremely important. From compressor output of compression air in the contains some water, and oil drops and dust, as directly for introduction latitude will caused main auxiliary nozzle and the pipeline in the attached real gradually increased, air along drive pressure loss increases, caused energy increased, serious Shi will caused gas road jam; caused electromagnetic valve action sensitivity declined, effect action timing of accuracy; caused adjustable pressure valve sensitivity reduced, effect introduction latitude pressure of stable; caused parts rust, pollution yarn, produced defects, effect fabric Xia machine first products rate. Therefore, the compressed air needed by the Air Purifier, filter out the larger particle size after all kinds of debris can be used for weft. As air purifier, compressed air, are not very pure, still contains a certain amount of tiny water, oil particles and fine dust. The purity of the compressed air, Air Purifier filter accuracy in decisions. Of course, the compressed air the cleaner the better, but filter the higher precision, greater the resulting pressure drop, greater energy consumption, less air flow, so selection of air filters. General requirements for oil content filter accuracy is less than 0.01mg/kg, dusting a precision of 0.3 ц m.

2. air conditioning air compressors for air-jet loom output air pressure is O.7MPa (7 kg/cm2), requirements to the loom when the air pressure is usually not less than 0.55 MPa (5.5kg/cm2). Spray nozzles, auxiliary nozzles, cutting, injection, draw spray jet effect is different, of high and low pressure requirements are different. Therefore, air jet loom air or gas flow adjusting device must be set up to meet the demand for high and low air pressure or flow rate of the different. Air pressure adjust the box is based on the different needs of each Jet pressure, to regulate the supply of compressed air nozzle pressure. Each and every nozzle gas pressure should be adjusted. Therefore, each Jet has a pressure regulating valve or throttle valve corresponding. High air pressure, air speed, weft greater traction, it's good for weft side. Air pressure too high weft weft-prone fault; when the pressure is too low, can produce weft is not in place or weft to weft of time lags at the provided position fault. In addition, and energy consumption is proportional to the air pressure, pressure is high energy consumption, the greater, so the pressure to adjust the supply nozzle, pressure under the premise of guaranteeing the smooth weft should be as low as possible.

Loom in the event of damage, we will first check for jams. If blocked, it directly out. Second, we must pay attention to check for rusty fuselage. If there is rust, wipe the oil. Finally, see if it has a large area of damage. If there is a large area of damage, you should look for it professionals to repair it.