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Air Jet Looms Selling Point Is Efficient And Low Consumption
Jul 20, 2017

  Air jet looms selling point is efficient and low consumption

  Air-jet looms have the advantages of fast speed, high efficiency, low consumption of machine materials, reasonable way of jetting, easy operation and safety, and because it can be used in cotton fabric, denim, anti-feather, Wool, elastic fabrics, towel fabrics and other fields, for the production of large quantities, medium number, high-density, high-quality fabric, which has gradually been recognized by the majority of users, which laid out the favorable conditions for its best-selling.

  Air-jet looms can be hot, by no means accidental. Reporters learned that many textile enterprises choose air jet looms mainly because it can not only achieve high-speed weaving, high-efficiency production, but also because it has a simple air jet weaving operation, reduce labor, reduce energy consumption potential. After years of development, textile machinery manufacturing enterprises in this area also made some achievements in the design, for example, in order to improve the weaving speed of equipment, manufacturing enterprises to re-design of the rack, thickening of the box structure of the wall, Rack height, increase the rigidity of the rack, and improve the speed of the equipment.

  In order to improve efficiency and reduce the workload of the car, some advanced air-jet looms use automatic weft processing mechanism, part of the weft stop can be automatically handled by the loom, reducing the unnecessary manual operation. In the weaving of coarse support weft, the device also has a weft feeder automatic switching function. Normally, the device takes two wefts to correspond to one main nozzle. When the weft occurs between the weft bobbin and the main nozzle or when one weft creel is used up, the loom automatically switches to another corresponding storage Weft to participate in weft insertion, do not have to wait for the block car handle, improve the weaving efficiency.

  Air-jet looms of energy consumption is great, most of which energy consumption is compressed air consumption, a small part of the motor, moving parts of the energy consumption. At present, domestic air-jet looms have begun to take some energy-saving measures to reduce energy consumption. For example, the weft insertion process to dynamically and accurately control can improve the weaving efficiency, to adapt to different dissimilar weft weft insertion, to a certain extent, reduce gas consumption. There are many ways to dynamically control the weft insertion, and have been applied to weaving production, the actual production process. The control system of the equipment is usually controlled according to the error of the weft flying angle and the set angle detected by the weft detector.

  In addition, the application of air-jet looms to expand the scope of species to adapt to the field continues to expand also attracted some user's attention. Many looms are equipped with jacquard opening device, jacquard machine maximum stitch number of more than 6900 needles, weaving woven fabric, fabric, corrugated fabric (car seat fabric), fancy curtain fabric (weft for the rope, Silk, etc.), terry fabrics, denim, decorative paintings and other textiles.