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Air-jet Looms Have The Advantages Of Fast Speed
Aug 03, 2017

  Air jet looms selling point is efficient and low consumption

  Air-jet looms have the advantages of fast speed, high efficiency, low consumption of machine materials, reasonable way of jetting, easy operation and safety, and because it can be used in cotton fabric, denim, anti-feather, Wool, elastic fabrics, towel fabrics and other fields, for the production of large quantities, medium number, high-density, high-quality fabric, which has gradually been recognized by the majority of users, which laid out the favorable conditions for its best-selling.

  Air-jet looms can be hot, by no means accidental. Many textile companies choose air-jet looms mainly because it not only can achieve high-speed weaving, efficient production, but also because it has a simplified operation, reduce labor, reduce energy consumption potential. After years of development, textile machinery manufacturing enterprises in this area also made some achievements in the design, for example, in order to improve the weaving speed of equipment, manufacturing enterprises to re-design of the rack, thickening of the box structure of the wall, Rack height, increased rigidity of the rack, stylish home textiles, and equipment for improving the speed of the foundation.

  More and more textile mills in order to weave a better quality of the embryo to gradually eliminate the arrow loom, and choose air-jet looms, usually we only know that air-jet weaving out of the product, the quality of the rapier than the quality of the machine , Specifically what you know? Now Xiaobian from the following points to share with you:

  1: good yarn, air jet loom is much higher than the rapier loom, the yarn on the machine in the friction frequency is high, so the air-jet looms on the requirements of the yarn is much higher than the rapier The

  2: cloth flat, air-jet loom openings are relatively small, the opening of the fabric when the clarity of the requirements are also high, the cloth tension is also too large, so weaving out of the fabric formation.

  3: less defects, air-jet looms only in the production efficiency, in order to control the production costs, to ensure efficient production, it will reduce the cloth machine shutdown, which will reduce the production defects.