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Air Jet Loomhigh Productivity
Aug 21, 2017

Air jet loom is characterized by fast running speed, high production efficiency, less material consumption of the machine, reasonable way of weft insertion, safe operation and simple operation [1], especially suitable for high volume, small variety, special number, high density and high Quality fabric production, which became the fastest growing shuttleless loom and the most promising models. But the theoretical research and production practices have shown that air-jet loom energy consumption in the first shuttleless loom is an indisputable fact, so reduce energy consumption has been the development of air-jet looms much attention to the subject.

Analysis of the past 10 years, the progress of air-jet looms show that air-jet looms are mainly concentrated in the following four areas: air-conditioning system energy saving; weft insertion system energy saving; air-jet looms in the design and manufacture of energy- Other auxiliary energy saving.

As the unique performance of air-jet looms has become the largest number of shuttleless looms of the machine, therefore, regardless of textile manufacturers or loom manufacturers, air-jet looms of energy-saving issues are highly concerned about the research and research The hot spot. A large number of studies have shown that the main and auxiliary nozzle air consumption is the main part of the energy consumption of air-jet looms. Therefore, it is the key to the energy saving of the main and auxiliary nozzle components and the optimization of the weft insertion process. Looking back on the energy-saving process in the past decade, we have made great progress in improving the structure of the components of the design air flow channel and supporting the high-performance fittings, especially the auxiliary nozzles. The transformation of the traditional gas supply system, the implementation of air compressor frequency control has become widely used in energy-saving measures, and achieved good results. For air-jet looms manufacturers, the use of RTC weft real-time control system and Sumo switched reluctance motor direct drive loom spindle technology will be used in domestic looms to reduce energy consumption. In short, regardless of the use of individual energy-saving technology, or the use of a number of integrated energy-saving technologies, can achieve varying degrees of energy conservation purposes.

The future air-jet looms will regard energy efficiency as an important performance index for looms, but also an important basis for the selection of looms. The future energy-saving approach is: to strengthen the basic theory of gas flow field research, and strive to break through the energy-saving components; the development of "expert system" software to optimize the weft insertion process; improve the overall design level; air compressor thermal recovery; Improve the level of automatic control of the loom, the use of 32-bit computer and CAN bus control, the main, auxiliary nozzle, draft nozzle and solenoid valve air flow system to implement precise control, to collect, monitor, set, adjust the various process parameters, Internet, industrial Ethernet, fieldbus to achieve loom network control. Commonly used different types of motor direct drive loom spindle technology, beating system using conjugate cam beating mechanism, the opening system using high-quality positive cam, electronic arm device, air jet looms to achieve high-speed, energy saving and efficient purposes The.