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Air Jet Loom Did You Know That?
May 19, 2017

Introduction of Air Jet Loom

The Air Jet Loom is a shuttleless loom that uses a jet of air to traverse the weft through the shed. The working principle is the use of air as the weft insertion medium, with the jet of compressed air flow on the weft to produce friction traction force to pull the weft with the shed, the jet generated by the jet to achieve the purpose of weft insertion.

This weft insertion method can make the loom to achieve high speed and high yield. In several shuttle looms, Air Jet Loom is the highest speed of a kind, due to weft induction is reasonable, high latitude rate, easy operation and safe operation, with a wide variety of adaptability, less material consumption, high efficiency , High speed, low noise, has become the most promising new one of the cloth. As the Air Jet Loom using air weft way, the biggest drawback is the high energy consumption.

China since 1982 for the first time by the Shanghai Weaving Institute of the introduction of Japan Tsudakoma ZA200 Air Jet Loom for trial, in 1984 the first introduction of Tsudakoma ZA203 Air Jet Loom manufacturing technology. Now the main representative of the domestic Air Jet Loom are: Qingdao Hongqi textile machinery JA11A type, spr700 Si Pulan Air Jet Loom, Xianyang loom GAX and ZA209i type, in the textile machinery GA718 type, Weifang Jinzi JS21N type, Suzhou Textile Machinery ASGA701 Type and so on.

Today, the domestic Air Jet Loom market share is mainly in Qingdao Tongchun TC780A and TC730A series, Qingdao Hongqi textile machinery JA11A series, the day of the textile group's RFJA series of Air Jet Loom, Titan's TT-series, and Feng Kai's F series , And in the international community to form a certain degree of competitiveness.