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Advent mechanization of textile machines and people will have a big battle
Oct 19, 2016

Enterprise recruitment difficulties, there are single people, this is the textiles industry norm, especially in the year 2015. South China textile city network channels when reporter visited the market understands that many textile business owners most of the recruitment problem.

Overseas factory defects

For hiring difficult questions, not only the textile industry, other manufacturing industries also have such problems, just the textile industry as a pillar industry in China, the problem will be magnified. Of course, the solution must be, for example, foreign factories. Is part of the enterprise in China has to invest and build factories overseas, but the effect is less bad or good. As culturally backward and China overseas, particularly in Southeast Asia, if working wages a week sufficient for one or two months, he resigned a week, money will only continue to work, unlike the Chinese workers, resigned not because these things. In addition, some products to appear abroad "acclimatized", belongs to the top-selling products in China, a local won't be worth squat.

Era of mechanization

Moved the tree to die, who moved to live, as long as the change will solve the workers ' problems. People do not do? Never mind, machines, and machines are too expensive? You may be wrong. Journalists and you an account in today's textile workers in the Pearl River Delta, for example, workers monthly wages of about 4,000, for about 10 hours a day of work, working 26 days a month, that one year a worker was 40,008, 100 people cost of 4.8 million, not counting room and Board holidays insurance and other costs. Machine? about hundreds of thousands of conservative estimates an automated textile machinery, but you can replace the workload of less than 20 people, plus can work more than 10 hours a day, as long as the machine is not a big accident, maintenance cost less than 10,000 per year, this comparison will know what is the best judgment. Are not machine made out of textile quality and accuracy relative to manual high not low. Moreover, mechanized textile production also received support from the Government, particularly in Dongguan and Foshan, a manufacturing giant, the local Government has issued a series of substitutions of the machine policy, ensure comprehensively promote the manufacturing of intelligent upgrades.

In addition, the saved funds can be used for product development, so that enterprises can better upgrade, maintain more competitive in the market, industry development will no longer be price competitive, but competition. Mechanization of textile can minimize pollution, spur the development of China's machinery industry.