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A Small Coup To Deal With Water Jet Looms
Jul 07, 2017

  A small coup to deal with water jet looms

  1, the process brief

  The waste water discharged from the production line of the water jet loom is collected through the sewage pipe of the factory and collected into the regulating pool with grille installed to remove the solid suspended solids from the large particles and adjust the waste water and even the water quality. water jet loom At the same time, Fully mixed and prevent the sludge in the regulation pool deposition.Then through the pump to the diatomite fine soil reaction equipment, diatomite treatment agent was first added to the water treatment equipment, water jet loom and instantly scattered in the waste water, and then condensed into a larger Flame, precipitated by gravity to the bottom. At the same time in the reaction pool to form a layer of active sludge layer, the removal of some of the water soluble substances and other pollutants have a good effect, so that the final water to meet the design requirements. water jet loom Diatomite reaction equipment regularly discharged sludge into the sludge concentration tank, dehydration through dehydration equipment drying treatment, the filtrate back to the regulation pool.

  2, diatomite waste water treatment characteristics

  On the current diatomite in the water jet looms sewage treatment has the following characteristics:

  (1) the process is simple

  Diatomite water treatment technology as a first-class intensive treatment technology is very simple. The main facilities for the improved clarifier, water jet loom  mixing reaction, adsorption, flocculation and filtration are here to complete.

  (2) less investment in the project

  In the case of a sewage treatment plant in 1000 tons / day in 2006, the traditional process has a total investment of about RMB 1 million. The use of this technology requires only RMB 40 million and a decrease of 60%.

  (3) low operating costs

  Using the traditional process operating costs are generally 1.0 yuan / m3 or so, and the use of this technology operating costs in 0.40 yuan / m3 or so.

  (4) small footprint

  As the technology of advanced technology, the required equipment, so small footprint.

  (5) noise pollution is small

  As the diatomite soil water treatment technology does not use a large noise source of the fan, so the impact on the acoustic environment is small.

  (6) the treated wastewater can be reused.