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Development Trend Of Air - Jet Loom At Home And Abroad
Jun 12, 2017

  Development Trend of Air - jet Loom at Home and Abroad

  Air-jet looms from the 20th century, 80 years since the introduction of a large area in the country, and gradually become a leading shuttleless loom models. After nearly 20 years of development, in terms of speed, width, variety of adaptability in all aspects of the great development. Domestic air-jet loom through the introduction of technology, co-production, independent development has begun to take shape, loom varieties have a greater development specifications, has entered a stable stage, with the automatic access to latitude, frequency control technology, , Electronic coiling, electronic multi-arm in the air jet loom technology generally adopted, significantly improved speed, weaving to adapt to the scope of expansion, product quality and stability, has been able to meet the domestic textile enterprises weaving different fabric needs. The main gap with the foreign models in the loom speed and width. At present, the speed of foreign looms in the 750-1000 r / min, the domestic air-jet loom speed of 600 ~ 800 r / min, width is currently only 360 cm, in addition, in the human intelligence we still have a certain gap , The keyboard shows no information on foreign similar products. But for the domestic market, the use of the majority of users, compared with the import loom, in the fabric adaptability, weaving process adaptability and maintenance operations such as loom is not much difference, domestic air-jet looms can meet the user weaving high quality Fabric demand.

  In recent years, both international and domestic, shuttleless looms to flourish, and air-jet looms is the fastest growing one of the shuttleless looms, air-jet looms for its high-speed, high efficiency, low noise, fabric style, Convenient, advanced automation features, leading mechanical and electrical integration technology and a series of advantages, continue to show strong competitiveness and broad market prospects, according to statistics, China's existing looms more than one million units, shuttleless The proportion of looms is still very low, and the vast majority of imported looms, 80% of the world's advanced countries, the proportion of shuttleless looms compared to a large gap. With China's accession to the WTO in order to meet the challenges of economic globalization, textile enterprises to further accelerate the pace of technological transformation. China's textile industry has been the transformation of the formation of shuttleless loom instead of shuttle loom trend, in 2005 the domestic textile enterprises jet looms imported about 50% of the total imports of shuttleless looms. It can be seen, the textile industry, the urgent need for air-jet looms, air-jet looms market potential. According to the survey of hundreds of state-owned large and medium-sized textile enterprises and coastal towns and private enterprises, the annual demand of air-jet looms accounts for about 40% to 50% of the total demand for high-grade shuttleless looms. Very broad.