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9100 Model Air Jet Loom Using A Computer Control System And Artificial Intelligence
Sep 26, 2017

The Main Technical Characteristics of 9100 Air - jet Loom

9100 air-jet loom design speed 1000r / min, into the latitude rate of 1800m / min or more; mainly used for weaving to short fiber as raw material cotton, wool, linen, silk and other fabrics; for 4.8tex ~ 233tex staple fiber , 16.6 dtex-1350 dtex filament weaving. As a result of the throttle design, reducing the energy consumption of the machine, to reduce the operating costs of textile mills have a very good effect. Using a computer control system and artificial intelligence I keyboard and TMCS memory card system, with parameter setting, control, monitoring, self-diagnosis function. As the machine price is lower than the import machine, so it is a cost-effective products.

Its main technical features are as follows:

(1) In order to meet the requirements of high speed, beating the use of a new high-speed four-link mechanism. In the high-speed when there is sufficient weft insertion time and stable running state, vibration is small, reached the maximum speed of domestic air-jet looms. In addition, the counterweight is added to the rocker so that the loom runs more smoothly.

(2) the use of double rear beam electronic transmission device. As the warp yarns in the tension roller (swinging rear beam) on the angle does not change with the shaft diameter changes, which can accurately measure the warp tension and effectively control the warp tension. The loom can run at high speed and must have stable warp tension as a prerequisite, and the design of double rear beam just overcomes the shortcomings of the warp tension caused by the change of tension and the vibration of the loom, In order to improve the efficiency of the loom to ensure high-speed operation required for the stability of the warp tension provides a good mechanism to ensure.

(3) coiling mechanism using positive electronic coiling, you can easily change the weft density. The electronic coiling weft setting can be done by simply inputting the data via the multi-function keyboard without changing the gears, and making the weft in the loom. In addition, a coiled auxiliary brake is added to ensure smooth coiling.

(4) to take tough on both sides of the box wall panels, reinforced four combination rack. The main transmission parts are placed in the oil bath lubrication, can ensure high-speed stable operation of the loom, in order to achieve high-speed, low vibration, low noise.

(5) the use of positive cam opening, so that high-speed operation more stable.

(6) The use of automatic yarn FDP-A electric drum storage device, the weft in the low-pressure conditions can be accelerated without damage to the weft. In the ultra-high-speed operation, even in the weft load under the conditions of very little weft, to achieve a long-term stable operation.

(7) Matsuba device is simple, easy to adjust, stable performance, more suitable for high-speed operation.

The Production Efficiency of 9100 Air - jet Loom

9100 air-jet looms than the general air-jet loom speed increased by 33.3%, annual production increased by 36.2%, stand-alone annual output increased 21191m. The technical level of the 9100 air-jet loom is close to the import loom.