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9100 Model Air Jet Loom To Achieve A Stable Operation
Oct 17, 2017

9100 air-jet loom equipped with FDP-A Ⅲ-type electronic control drum storage device, the original length of the device more than about 3 times the amount of ready to roll; with high-speed tracking performance, which can be actively yarn yarn The mechanism is suitable for a variety of weft structures, which can be woven with pure wool and various other yarns. In the high-speed operation and wide weaving, even in the weft is vulnerable to damage conditions, but also rarely occur weft, to achieve a stable operation.

Selection of high response speed of the solenoid valve, opening time, closing time of 3ms ~ 4ms, to adapt to loom high-speed operation. Through the finite element analysis of the force, the design of a robust frame structure. The beating mechanism was redesigned with an inertia momentary eccentric beating center, so that the gap was reduced from the original 16mm balance block to only 4mm, thus achieving a good balance of the beating. The use of light alloy hollow steel racade, vibration has been controlled, so that the ground vibration than the original model reduced by about 35 percentage points.

Each of the two auxiliary nozzles is equipped with a valve to change the original model. A solenoid valve controls the pattern of four auxiliary nozzles to shorten the airway opening time, thus further improving the high speed adaptability and making the air injection more accurate. A solenoid valve to control the two auxiliary nozzles and auxiliary nozzles and gas cylinders between the shortening of the pipeline, the air consumption than the original model cut about 10 percentage points, which is a model of innovation.

For different types, different number of weft yarns, not only can adjust the set value of the main nozzle, but also the auxiliary nozzle injection angle is set to achieve stable operation, save energy and improve the quality of the fabric has made contributions.

When the loom is started and the weft arrival time is greatly changed, the injection angle of the auxiliary nozzle can be increased, so that the weft insertion is in a stable state and the high quality of the fabric quality is ensured. Due to the use of a four-link beating mechanism in a narrow loom, a six-link beating mechanism was used in the wide loom to achieve stable weft insertion, which allowed the weft to accelerate under low pressure without causing weft damage.

Electronic opening mechanism, each page heald frame and an AC servo motor connected to the AC servo motor cleverly arranged (patent), through the tank gear slowdown, drive connecting rod driven heald frame movement. The electronic control system controls the motor reversing the heel frame to control the upper and lower movement of the heald frame, the electrical box is separated, divided into two layers inside and outside, the inner control board, the outer layer servo motor drive package, 16 frame frame with 16 motors. Electronic opening device has the advantage of being able to freely set the heel angle and phase angle of each frame on the loom. The problem is that the servo motor is more expensive than the general electronic arm, and the opening of the heald frame (more than 16 pieces Heel) movement, the motor arrangement has a certain degree of difficulty. The position line from the original 5 ° tilt into 0 °, so that the upper and lower openings balance, reducing the weaving angle, from the original 14 ° to 9 °, weaving mouth to reduce, more stable.