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9100 Model Air Jet Loom Main Features Of The Product
May 19, 2017

9100 Model Air Jet Loom products main features

1, rack: 9100 Model Air Jet Loom with high rigidity of the rack structure, high-speed, stable weaving heavy, high-density fabric, 9100 Model Air Jet Loom main wall using high-grade cast iron, the main beam using special-shaped seamless steel pipe , To ensure that the fabric of high quality and high yield, wall panels, wall panels on the side of the tempered so that it is not deformed.

2, opening 9100 Model Air Jet Loom tissue: can be flat mouth, on the cam opening, arms open, increased the opening link, to mention the size of the pieces, such as double-bones, wide-side heavy brown box, to ensure that The high-speed operation and weaving in the thick fabric when the warp opening stable and reliable, clear shed.

3, weft detection 9100 Model Air Jet Loom structure: photoelectric weft is composed of sophisticated electronic components. If the impact of such as when the collision, its function will be affected. Sensitive photoelectric weft, from the original wire to the strong twist, from the low-denier to the high-denier silk can be accurately detected, weft timely stop, to prevent the emergence of defects.

4, woven edge structure: cloth side of the rope-like edge, cloth edge fastening, easy to loose, no color after dyeing. The use of aluminum alloy planetary gear system edge, light weight, vibration, suitable for high-speed operation. Use nylon ring gear, reduce noise, easy to replace.

5, beating the 9100 Model Air Jet Loom weaving mechanism: can be equipped with four-link or six-bar beating mechanism (280CM above the width), multi-point support, with weight plus the right axis, more suitable for high-speed operation, Block with stainless steel, improve the latitude and longitude, can be woven high density and medium thickness fabric, cloth close.

6, to send the body: a full range of electronic use by the electronic, electronic coiling, can be achieved by weft weaving.

7, electronic curl: compact design, the output power, easy to adjust, all kinds of fiber automatic operation, to ensure that the weaving process is always synchronized.

8, electronic chai: the warp tension to maintain stability, to meet the needs of a variety of fabrics, can improve the fabric grade, fabric varieties to replace more convenient and efficient, improve production efficiency.