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Air-jet Looms With Yarn Requirements
Jun 12, 2017

  1. Air-jet looms with yarn requirements

  As we all know, air-jet loom fast, high production efficiency, but the yarn quality requirements are high, in order to obtain the highest efficiency, we must improve the yarn quality.

  Air-jet looms should be dry evenly, smooth surface, less hairiness; high yarn strength; should be used without yarn, to reduce the joint defects and the junction of the loose situation.

  Winder is best to use automatic winder and air twister.

  Tension should be uniform throughout the war, the yarn should be evenly arranged, the axis should be flat.

  Use a reasonable slurry formula and sizing process to ensure a good pulp shaft quality.

  2. Use a reasonable speed of operation

  Under normal circumstances, excessive increase in operating speed will lead to warp yarns, weft yarns increased and the increase in material consumption, operating efficiency. High speed may not bring high yields. So it should choose a reasonable, comprehensive efficiency of the best speed. One-sided pursuit of high speed is not economic nor scientific.

  3. Make various technical parameters of the set and institutional adjustments

  Production process often occurs short weft, broken by, cloth edge is not neat, weft rebound, cloth cut off and so may be related to the process parameters and institutional adjustments. The precise adjustment of air-jet looms is the basis for improving production efficiency.

  4. Human resources and the environment

  Should continue to improve the quality of maintenance and operation of the technical staff and the responsibility to configure the environment to adapt to the jet weaving, including clean environment, temperature, humidity and other development, a clear responsibility at all levels of staff