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Water-jet loom
Oct 18, 2016

Water jet loom is the use of Jet water traction of shuttleless loom weft through shed. Water-jet weft traction than Jet weft to weft, proliferation of small, adapt to the smooth surface of synthetic fibers, glass fiber filament weft needed. Can also increase the conductive properties of synthetic fibers, effectively overcoming the weaving of static electricity. In addition Jet weft consumes less energy and minimum noise.

Since 1982, first introduced by weaving in Shanghai Research Institute Japan Tsudakoma ZA200 test-air-jet weaving machine for weaving, 1984 for the first time introduce Tsudakoma ZA203 air-jet weaving machine manufacturing technology. Domestic air-jet loom's main representative models are: Qingdao red flag textile machinery JA11A, spr700 SPR air-jet looms, xianyang GAX loom and spinning machine in the ZA209i type, GA718 type,-Weifang jinshuai JS21N, Suzhou textile machinery, such as ASGA701.

Now the domestic market share of air-jet loom and is based in Qingdao with spring TC780A and TC730A series, JA11A series Qingdao red flag textile machinery, rifa textile RFJA air jet loom, Titan's TT-series and f series of fengkai, and formed a certain competitiveness in the world.