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Textile industry into the Internet
Oct 18, 2016

Although China has become the textile machinery manufacturing country, but spinning machine level is not high, so companies must speed up the transition to improve technical performance. Low low technology content and added value of products, high labour costs, low productivity of the status quo is not in line with current market needs, not adapted to the future development of the enterprise, transformation and upgrading of textile products is the general trend.

China textile industry through technological progress and improving the quality of labour to achieve transformation and upgrading. Enterprises by improving production efficiency, increase profitability, to match or exceed the production cost increases, the significance of this is the transformation and upgrade, "substitution of the machine" is one way.

Industry insiders said, textile enterprise uses a high-speed, intelligent and large-capacity machine equipment can reduce labor and improve efficiency. Due to the current lack of global raw materials such as cotton, Shanghai stone high-grade textile machinery textile machinery storage devices can take full advantage of fiber, increase the added value of products. 5-10 years in the future, this trend will become more obvious.

Use B2B platform for transparency of information and shorten trading process is to dissolve the current domestic textile industry full of raw material market and an important way of increasing competition, but so far, domestic textile industry, the traditional field of information asymmetry, high cost problems are still restricting B2B interoperability and common prosperity of the bottleneck and the textile industry.

As the textile industry to embrace the Internet, many B2B platform through creating a flexible supply chain to improve the industry's efficiency through effective match for mining information, breaking the information drum, solved the difficult problem of domestic textile industry, effectively shortening the number of transactions and number of logistics in the textile industry, eventually leading the B2B textile industry, the emergence of new business models and business model. This resulted in some remarkable textile B2B platform.