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Optimization transformation of independent air supply loom
Oct 18, 2016

Chu Shi independent supply loom with electronic Leno Selvage equipment from Leno Selvage of synchronous motor drive belt, worn over twist belt guides on the two twisted wire with twist belt rotation ground gripping the weft. Its simple structure, easy to adjust, the disadvantage is that twist twist twist edge silk on a leash, so easily beset on the belt around the pulley inside, causing pulley jammed, twisted edge stop fault affecting loom weaving efficiency. To this end, we paired with the head was modified.

Specific method is to use a 2 mm diameter wire bent flat springs. Twisted strap-shaped wire-removal of the head, fitted with flat spring, screwed down tight. Stranded wires inside the flat spring torsion, flat springs are used to twist and twisted side of belt, belt wheel completely separated from twisted edges cannot touch the ground side belt and pulleys. After transformation is used by the twisted side of normal, no more twisted-pair wires onto a belt, around the pulley inside the pulley jammed, twisted side down, and so on. Practice has proved that the transformation was a success.

Twisted edge belt in two yarn guide can damage after a long run, but twisted belt is not damaged, twisted side belt throw away waste and paired belts be rebuilt and repaired. Specific method is to waste o shaped fully silk for material, a root o shaped fully silk can do two a guide yarn device, using o shaped fully silk Shang, and Xia two a wear fully straight article of hole as twisted side silk of guide yarn hole, will fully silk two end the cut 2 cm long, again rushed two small hole, with fine wire and strong rubber fixed in belt Shang. Track renovation restored normal twisted side of belt use, twisted wire constantly, Leno Selvage worked well, selvedge quality and loom does not affect the efficiency of Leno Selvage belts can also be used to 3-5 months.