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Oct 18, 2016

Interleaving two or more sets of yarns at right angles forming fabric with machine classification with loom and tapestry. -Brocade bamboo cages of the Zhuang nationality, Yao tapestry tapestry machine, maonan, Miao bamboo cages, Dong nationality Brocade and so on.

Loom weaving five basic main structure is completed action counterparts.

Shedding mechanism

Will warp into two layers to form body of the shed, the cam (tappet) shedding mechanism, Dobby groups and Jacquard shedding mechanism. Tappet shedding mechanism (Figure 2 step crank) is the use of cam lift of the control frame and in what order. 2~8 harnesses for general use, suitable for the production of a variety of plain weave fabric, corduroy and twill, and satin, etc. Dobby mechanism (figure more than 3 Dobby shedding mechanism) is a broach, and hooks and harness lever controls enhance the frame, cylinder and plate, such as peg, heavy-tailed control harnesses the lifting order. In order to weave all kinds of fabric, you can use the 16~32 harnesses. Jacquard shedding mechanism (Figure 4 Jacquard shedding mechanism) is a knife, and vertical hook (or straight), Heald control enhance the warp, warp can lift separately from cylinder, patterns, cross stitch, etc control warp upgrade order. The shedding mechanism on weaving fabric, jacquard towels Jacquard damask...

Jacquard blankets woven fabrics. Jacquard Loom Jacquard Loom shedding mechanism is called.

Weft insertion

Institutions the weft into the shed. On shuttle looms, weft is picking mechanism against Shuttle, Shuttle flight into the shed. Picking mechanism picking, and CIC on shuttle and picking three under. The picking mechanism, due to the dramatic impact, vibration and noise of the looms large, machine, material consumption, and not safe enough, sometimes shuttle injury accident occurred. In shuttleless loom weft is made up of introducing weft into the shed, without shuttle looms, eliminate picking faults.

Beating up mechanism

Will introduce the shed the weft into the body. There are two main types: one is to use the crank, and Reed on the link-driven lathe made movement before and after beating, called the connecting rod mechanism; the other is by Reed on the conjugate cam sley movement before and after beating, called the conjugate cam mechanism. Cam can be designed as needed to control the Reed seat at the rear of the stationary time applies to the broad picture of weft and loom weft ...

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