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Independent gas supply loom
Oct 18, 2016

Development of textile technology and faster, not loom show with high energy efficiency, independent gas supply loom has its unique features.

Industry insiders said, textile enterprise uses a high-speed, intelligent and large-capacity machine equipment can reduce labor and improve efficiency. Due to the current lack of global cotton and other raw materials, high-end textile machinery and equipment can take advantage of fiber, increase the added value of products. 5-10 years in the future, this trend will become more obvious.

Air compressor cooling methods are air cooled and water cooled in two ways. Due to the water by evaporative cooling can usually be lower than the air temperature of the cooling water, and the water's specific heat and density, good cooling effect of the air compressor, more generally used. But water needs to be equipped with cooling towers and cooling water pumps, the system is complex, and easy scaling of cooling water, affecting heat transfer effects. Air cooling equipment is simple, low maintenance cost, but for large air compressor and the South hot area, outdoor air temperature will make the compressor cylinder head temperature is too high and downtime. With air-cooled machine shall ensure that the distance between and the engine room ventilation, the room temperature is below 40 degrees. Therefore, when you select a compressor cooling, according to the local weather conditions, cooling water, water for analysis.

Compact structure, light weight centrifugal air compressor, single displacement, generally up to 10000 m³/min; no Oiler pure condition, compressed air free of oil contamination, high quality; high efficiency and saving energy. Centrifugal type empty pressure machine of shortcomings is started and parking process in the easy produced breath vibration phenomenon, produced vibration; exhaust volume of changes on mechanical efficiency effect larger, in must of speed Xia, exists best workers condition points, deviated from the points efficiency will declined; should not be used more Taiwan unit parallel run, in single exhaust volume and exhaust pressure can meet requirements Shi, should be selection less machine Taiwan for gas.

For the smooth textile mill air jet loom by gas flow, the pressure is not high and stability characteristics, air compressor selection will be selected according to the specific situation. In weaving machine Taiwan number more, and compression air consumption volume big, and with gas pressure lower, and with gas stable of places should be used centrifugal type compressor; in with gas pressure high, and flow has larger changes and the need more machine Taiwan parallel Shi, should be used screw Rod type empty pressure machine, also can used centrifugal type compressor and screw Rod type compressor parallel work, using screw Rod type empty pressure machine for flow regulation.