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Energy saving effect of energy-saving air-jet loom
Oct 18, 2016

With electronic technology widely application Yu weaving machine of monitoring, and monitoring, the enterprise has have launched energy-saving of technology and new measures, as Jet weaving machine auxiliary nozzle electromagnetic valve of application by past of 4~6 only auxiliary nozzle configuration 1 a electromagnetic valve to 2 only auxiliary nozzle configuration 1 a electromagnetic valve, by electric control box control electromagnetic valve of ordered switch, to reached air relay jet of purpose. According to this new technology can save the air consumption 10%~15%. 4750px air jet loom Reed width, for example, 1 air-jet weaving machine weft is 0.5~0.6 cubic metres of gas consumption/min, 48 air-jet weaving machine configuration nearly 40 cubic meters/min of air compressor, 1 40 m³/min compressed air utility configuration 1 tens of Watts motor. General 4750px with 24~26 auxiliary nozzle air jet loom, each auxiliary nozzle spacing in the weft channels 70~80mm, since 4~6 only auxiliary nozzle configuration 1 solenoid valve, 4~6 auxiliary nozzle switch time is simultaneous, not save gas consumption. Now some air-jet loom 2 auxiliary nozzle configuration 1 solenoid valve, switching time of only 2 auxiliary nozzle, which created conditions to reduce gas consumption. With the loom speed increase and reduction in the number of each solenoid valve controls the auxiliary spray, requiring auxiliary nozzle speed, no high performance, high speed solenoid valve technology is also not extend the programme.

Air compressor factory in recent years has also introduced electronic control of variable frequency motor, variable speed compressors, reportedly can conserve energy around 10%. Energy saving because it can can adjust the motor speed according to the size of gas consumption. On to 96 Taiwan jet weaving machine for cases, general situation Xia gas volume are is is greater than consumption gas, because 96 Taiwan weaving machine total has several Taiwan downtime of, although has a storage pump can regulation gas, but if weaving machine stopped Taiwan more has, storage pump gas full has empty pressure machine will downtime, and centrifugal type empty pressure downtime yihou to had 30 minutes to again boot, not allowed Shi stopped, and Shi open. So are taken without stopping the short way, part of this energy go to waste. This energy-efficient air compressor vent problem can be solved, so as to save energy.

Active exploration shaped Reed tablets of wear mechanism, reduced its friction coefficient, used magnetic control sputtering technology in shaped Reed tablets surface first expected deposition Nano Crystal CR of transition layer, again with more arc ion plating total sputtering technology deposition must thickness is gradient changes of crcn/DLC alloy coating, formed CR/crcn/DLC gradient wear shaped Reed tablets coating, then replaced cost expensive, and quality not stable of class Diamond (DLC) coating; used Nano ceramic alloy chemical composite coating preparation of shaped Reed tablets, coating uniform , Decrease in the thickness according to fabric case with high hardness, high strength and excellent ductility, enhances wear resistance of the reeds, reducing the roughness of the surface and prolong the service life may gradually replace hard chromium plating process.