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Efficient air jet loom
Oct 18, 2016

With the development of science and technology, also followed the development of the textile industry, emerging air-jet looms to reach higher levels of efficiency.

As we all know, fast speed, high efficiency of air-jet loom, yarn quality requirements are high, in order to get the best results, we must improve yarn quality.

Air jet loom yarn evenness, the surface is smooth, fuzzy little yarn strength; yarns without connectors should be used, reduce defects and binding loose.

Best of winding adopts automatic winder and air twist knot.

Warp tension should be uniform yarn arrangement should be uniform, warp beam should be flat.

By using the proper size mixture formula and sizing processing, ensure quality of Grouting shaft.

1. reasonable speed

In the General case, excessive speed increase can lead to warp, weft increases and increased material consumption, efficiency decreases. High speed may not necessarily bring about higher production. So you should select a reasonable, comprehensive benefit of the best possible speed. One-sided pursuit of high speed is not economic or scientific.

2. adjustment of the setting of various parameters and body

Short production processes often occur in the weft, warp, edge is irregular and weft rebound edge off may be associated with the adjustment of the process parameters as well as institutions. Precise adjustment of air-jet loom is the basis of improving production efficiency.

3. human resources and the environment

Should constantly improve the technical quality of the maintenance and operations personnel and responsibility, configure the adaptation of air-jet weaving work environment, including environmental clean, temperature and humidity make clear at all levels of responsibility

Pilot of the China textile industry association, yarn-dyed (the Cowboys) industrial clusters there are 7, with clusters of denim-oriented products has 5, led by the dyed product cluster 2, these clusters in yarn-dyed play an important role in the development of the industry.

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