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Classification of the weaving machine
Oct 18, 2016

Loom has many categories. Classified according to fabric fibers can be divided into the cotton spinning machines, textile machines, sack, Silk weaving loom machine. As classified by weaving weft methods can be divided into weaving machine and shuttleless loom two categories.

Is the use of traditional shuttle loom shuttles (wood shuttle or plastic shuttles) weft knitting machines. Shuttle's large size, heavy, were between repeated projection, large machine vibration, noise, slow speed, low efficiency.

Shuttleless loom weft insertion is varied, Rapier, Jet (Jet, water jet), shuttle, shuttle (multiphase) and knitting and other means.

1, rapier looms: rigid or flexible rapier weft, bring, hold, and guidance. Rapier weaving machine in addition to appropriate outside woven plain weave fabric and texture, which is characterized by easy color replacement, suitable for multi-color weft fabric, yarn-dyed, double down will apply to such fabrics, Terry fabrics, and decorative fabric production.

2, air-jet weaving machine: with a jet of compressed air to pull the weft, weft through shed. Air jet loom is characterized by fast speed, high productivity, apply shading and texture fabrics, fine TeX and high density fabric and the production of large quantities of fabric.

3, water jet loom: the use of water as a weft medium, water jet have traction on the weft, weft into the shed on the fixed spool. Water-jet loom is has the characteristics of high speed and high yields, mainly applied to smooth surface hydrophobicity of filament fiber fabric production.

4, projectile weaving machines: a small Flake shuttle clamp with clip wefts onto weft. Projectile weaving machines with weft insertion and stability, superior quality fabrics, weft-less advantages, suitable for various coloured weft fabrics, fine, thick fabrics and the production of broad width fabric.

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