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Air jet loom
Oct 18, 2016

Air jet weaving machine is the use of the Jets draft of shuttleless loom weft through shed. Works by using air as the weft medium, a jet of compressed air have traction traction on the weft, weft through shed, the Jets produced by Jet to achieve the purpose of the weft.

This weft insertion loom high yield. In shuttleless loom, speed is one of the highest air-jet loom, as the weft is reasonable, weft insertion rate higher, operation is simple and safe, wide adaptability, low material consumption, high efficiency, high speed, low noise advantages, have become one of the most promising new machine. Because of the way air jet loom weft, the biggest drawback is that energy consumption is high.

1914 invented air-jet weaving machine, 1950 Czechoslovakia produces first commercial air-jet weaving machine, 70 air jet weaving machines began to be used in industrial production. Early air jet loom produce only narrow fabrics, loom speed is low, and the poor quality of fabrics, only monochrome, simple plain weave fabric. Modern air-jet weaving machine, automated monitoring, product quality, product adaptation has been greatly improved, shuttleless looms in the fastest-growing models. Advanced air-jet weaving machine used a lot of advanced technology, especially electronics, micro-electronics technology makes air-jet weaving machine on the premise of ensuring product quality and performance is greatly improved. Now world renowned manufacturers are: Japan Tsudakoma, Toyota, Belgium picanol (PICANOL), Italy (Itema) and Germany Dornier (DORNIER).