About Us

Qingdao Haifu Group well known as Haifu Machinery is one of the leading producers of textile machines for over 17 years. It is based in the popular Chinese textile machine town of Wangtai, Qingdao. The company has provided many Chinese and foreign clients with the most joyful and easy purchasing experience with its consistency of quality, perfection and thoughtful services. Apart from the wide range of textile machines produced, they specialize in water jets and air jet machines.

The company is spread across nearly 80 acres of building area, nearly 30000 square meters of factory building that occupies 30 professional and technical personnel and more than 300 workers. It is one of the biggest producers in the local region and China for water jet looms. The manufacturing unit has the world's most advanced CNC machining center CNC Ten, advanced detection means, a sound quality assurance system. Other than that, a quality measurement team makes sure that every single machine going to the customers is at its best quality possible.

With a strong technical force and advanced processing capabilities, they have successfully developed the JW series of plastic sprinkler weaving machine type,

·HF408 high density ultra-fine heavy water-jet loom,

·HF851 single-pump 2 nozzle water-jet loom,

·HF851L Hi-speed more width weightier water-jet loom.

·HF622 2-pump 2-nozzle weft Cam weightier water-jet loom   

·HF906 2-pump 2-nozzle weft dobby weightier water-jet loom

·HF708 air-jet loom for medical bandage making machine 

Products like water jet looms series available in various widths from 150cm to 340cm and air jet medical gauze bandage machine are remarkable in terms of technology and quality. The machinery models of middle sized and heavy air jet looms are exclusively designed keeping in mind their overseas customers. The machines from Haifu are now spreading all across China and Asia pacific country like India. with approximately 5000 sets per year marking Haifu Machinery as one of the most famous brand names in China for textile machine production.

In order to serve their customers better, the company has created a team focusing on helping the customer from overseas to understand not only on the machines, but also to help the customers in planning and implementing their ideas. Based on these, the company also produces customized machines as per the requirements of the customer. See it to believe! Haifu machinery is now offering invitations to friends and customers from all over the world to the factory physically touch and see the machine. They formally believe that the company can impress you with sincere attitude and best quality possible.